MECHA Chocolate is the marriage of culinary and pastry experiences, creativity, and innovation. Led by Chef and Chocolatier Melissa Crandley and her team in Haddonfield, New Jersey, MECHA is the result of passion for the field, and a desire to form lasting relationships with customers and community. After graduating from the Culinary Art Institute of Philadelphia with a degree in Culinary Arts, Melissa worked in the kitchens of notable Center City Philadelphia restaurants, where she discovered her love for the craft.

What began as a 100-square-foot office converted into a kitchen has now grown into two storefront locations in Haddonfield, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Despite years of evolution, their mission remains the same: let creativity and passion drive new and exciting creations. MECHA only uses the highest quality chocolate from Cacao Barry, as well as European butter, 40% cream, and organic and local ingredients whenever possible. Quality and freshness are pillars of MECHA's creations, each adhering to the strictest standards for fair trade and sustainability practices. Melissa and her team seek collaborations with local artisans, farmers, coffee roasters, distillers, brewers and more to create unique treats. Their attention to detail, understanding of flavor profiles and artisanal craftsmanship continue to set MECHA chocolate apart — and keep chocolate lovers coming back for more.

Melissa and her team are thrilled to bring MECHA barks, caramels, ganaches and seasonal treats to the city of Philadelphia and beyond. Perfect for gifting or enjoying with a glass of wine, MECHA Chocolate brings a little luxury to everyday life.